I was at the house with Ellie yesterday, and her neighbor who had the sale stopped by, the poor thing had to borrow folding chairs because you all did such an excellent job of selling everything.
My Best
Bettina Parker Wilson

I hope you are well and recovering from the sale haha!
My parents asked me to message you to let you know they have checked the bank, and the funds are there. They were pleasantly surprised. Many thanks again for you and all your staff’s hard work.
Staci Rice

“What a great company.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful.  Never see anyone without a smile on their face.  Such a pleasure to shop and buy with this company.  Janet is such a delightful person.  You can tell everyone's polite-friendly attitude starts with the owner, Janet.  Makes shopping a pleasure.” 

Cecil Hernandez

Clothing Organization Before​​

We are so excited about the sale. What you’ve done looks so good!
I think the people who work for you are great! You, too!
Bev Aldeghi

I love that you can pre-shop, that sets you apart from other estate sales. I have two boys, ages 1 and 3, and it’s pretty hard to come in person sometimes.
Nathalie Craig

Thank you. You and “the crew” are making me very happy.
You have lightened my load, considerably. I feel like I’m going on vacation!
Bob Hamlin

Good morning Janet,
I wanted to convey a message to you from my mother [Beverly Mitchell]. She wanted you to know that you and your team did such a fabulous job organizing everything for this estate sale. She was very impressed by how great everything looked and was set up. She loved the website that had pictures of everything that would be available to purchase at the sale. She also saw the ad in today’s Post and Courier and liked that it was so large and bold. My mom wanted to make sure you know how much she appreciated everything you and your team did to make this sale such a smooth and seamless process.
Thank you so much.

Organization Process​​

Janet!!! I can’t believe the write up you did for Carol’s home! It’s like you’ve known her for years. I guess you do get to know your clients, even when they are gone. You indeed hit the nail on the head with your description of her life! The traveler, the entertainer, the fabulous cook, and her love for crafts! Thank you. I am excited to see how the sale goes. I know your team did an excellent job staging everything. It kills me not to be able to pop in and see it in person, so I appreciate the pictures.
Good luck this week and keep me posted.

Thank you again,
Nancy Agoglia

Hi Janet,
Just saw all the pictures of Carol’s estate sale online. Looks great! You and your team did a fabulous job organizing and displaying all of her things [ and we know there was a lot of stuff!] The garage with all the crafts and Christmas things must have been a real challenge, but you made it look so organized. Look forward to seeing how much of it gets sold. Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and good luck with the sale.

Ruth Agoglia

Clothing Complete - Sold

We Just want to give a shout-out to you and your team!!!!
Want to express my gratitude to you all.
Next dinner on me lady
Linda Frantz

We were at the cottage on the island, and my grandson bought up the package. Very professional and if there's somewhere I can give you high marks on the job you did let me know. Thank you.
Jim Phelps